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Afghanistan Italian/US/NATO SOF Frogman Legacy patch


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Not sure if this is the right place for this ,if not, mods feel free to delete. Special ops in Afghanistan are units made of multi national forces with US combatants. Here is a really cool Italian Incursori (Frogman/Commando) Legacy patch for their WW2 Unit beginnings, 10th Flottigliga MAS.

This unit pretty much wrote the book on Naval Commando Human Torpedo / sabotage attacking Naval targets in water. Though at first they had limited sucess, they did manage to have some big operations. The True legacy of the 10th is post war as far as the tactics and equipment was superior than the allied nations at that time. The USN UDT used Captured Italian equipment into the late 1950s. The design is of the metal insignia worn on the arm with the skull and rose of the WW2 Frogmen

Patch is typical Afghan made and were worn by everyone including American NSW plt working with the Italians.  


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