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Incendiary Cal.30 M1 (sealed box)


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I am new to this forum looking for honest information about what to price a sealed box of ammo that i know is quite rare but cannot find any for sale anywhere to compare. They have been in storage for some time & some of the boxes show wear on the bottom from the tips of the bullets but other than that are in perfect condition. These are marked with lot no.14449 & are from Denver Ordnance Plant. Thanks & best Regards Jack Craft Endless Mountains War Memorial Museum

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Thank you very much for your info. I had checked gunbroker a couple times but there were never any listed when i was on. I own & operate a War Memorial Museum here in North Central Pa. which i started back in 1998 as a non profit no admission fee educational Museum which started with my lifetime of collecting Military history.We are now in our 24th year of operation & planning a new wing for lack of space & i am sorting stuff out i have had in storage to help fund the construction as i am now retired & on a fixed income & a bad timeing situation with building materials skyrocketing etc.

I see you are from Pa.as well & if you get up this way drop me a message & you can find info on line (Endless Mountains War Memorial Museum) & i can show you around the Museum As we can share from our addiction of Military Memorabilia & history .

I am so glad i joined this great forum & i could spend way too much time on hear if i'm not careful.

Thanks again for responding with the info i was looking for. Best Regards   Jack

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sounds like the Museum is pretty cool and I just watched a you tube video - are you jack?   I live in Kutztown/Allentown - not that far from the museum.

sounds like a road trip for me! - All Denver Ordnance Plant ammo is WW2 and corrosive

yes coming on this site is a multiple daily occurrence for me  :)





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Hi Mike

Yes i am Jack and i never knew we were on a You tube video But these days who knows. Anyhow hoping to see you sometime in the future. Do you attend the WWII Weekend in Reading Pa. I have been coming there for nearly 30 years & have belonged to several re-enactment groups there as well. The last few years i have been accompanying WWII veterans from Northern Pa. & am in the big hanger most of the time. I will be there again this year With Charles Brooking from Bloomsburg who just turned 95 this week & served on PT boats in the south Pacific area. Yes i am going through our surplus stuff from our Museum attic & is there anything  you may be looking for let me know in case i may run accross let me know.

Take care   Jack 

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.30-06 Incendiary rounds in a sealed box can easily bring $150. However, if you can live with a replica, send me your email address and I can send you one from any of the 3 plants that made them.

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Hello Silverplate

Yes i just recieved a couple of those boxes i had ordered when i was looking for some of the original ones for sale & it led me to your post. I have a couple of boxes of loose rounds i can put in these for my own display..Just  comparing & they are very nice for a good price . I have several sealed boxes for sale but some have holes where the tips of the bullets have come through a bit on the bottoms so i am asking $125 for them.

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I thought I remembered your museum name. Glad they worked out.


$125 for a sealed box with tip holes is reasonable. I usually seal them in shrink wrap prior to shipping to keep the box from getting any worse.

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Good idea. I will do that. I will give your boxes a big thumbs up And what a great selection you have .I may have to get some more with the different co's. 

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I'm planning to head up that way for the Redball military vehicle rally and swap meet this fall, coming from SW PA. I will have to try and make an appointment to see your museum! That's pretty cool you made your own museum.

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Yes actually this is our 24th year of operation & starting our 40 X 60 addition soon .Let me know in advance before you visit & labor day weekend we have a Victory in the Pacific WWII Tribute & Charles Brooking (WWII PT boat ) veteran who served & fought mostly in the Solomon islands will be speaking. Thanks & hope you can make it.  Jack

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