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   Hello Folks,     I'm honestly not sure as to whether this is the correct, & or appropriate Sub-Forum in which to Post this information, so please forgive me if I was wrong, & please do move to the more appropriate Forum, as this information may assist one or two of our Members in reuniting an missing item. 

     So, as I was browsing around eBay, & in this instance looking for something totally medals unrelated, but happened across the following 2 N.O.K. Lapel Pins, so often missing from many of the WW2 era PHM's. Therefore, in the hope that just maybe someone here happens to possess either of the matching PHM's, I felt obligated to alert the Forum of their being offered for sale. To me, they at least 'appear' all correct, but that however should be decided by the potential purchaser. THEY ARE AS FOLLOWS;  1 } 'E.F.R.' - & - 2 } 'C.M.R.'  Hopefully, someone here could make use of them ? If anyone's interested in either / or, please P.M. me & I'll figure out BA way to provide them with the Link[s]. Lately, whenever I try to 'copy' & 'paste' any Web Links, it only copies the main, direct Link address, not the full information, as it always used to do ? I have found an away to circumvent this, but it takes a bit more time. So, let me know, or simply do an eBay Search for them, 'WW2 PHM Pins' or ??


              Best,    Dom P.

s-l1600 - 2022-04-19T111551.503.jpg

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