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Here is the patch my Uncle designed....

Boy Howdy

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My Uncle passed away in February and I have been helping my Aunt clean out his closets.

I saw this in the garage and was told by my Aunt that my Uncle Lew actually designed this patch in the mid to late 1950's.

That person in the photo is my Uncle when he was designing the patch.

Just thought I'd share.

BTW-she said it's not for sale.


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Way cool Gomez with the picture and it being family is even better.


Where is the picture from?

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Thank you my good men....

The actual patch is there in the garage along with the clipping.

I think the picture was in a news paper, possibly something that would have made it to Long Beach Island back then.

I will give it a better Looky Lew next time I am over there.

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Nice, I used to have one, traded it to someone that was into the weather stuff. It's a nicely done Japan made patch. Your uncle did a great job with the design!



15wxs det 6.jpg

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