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Id’d 2nd Banana War USMC enlisted 1922 Service cover.

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A nice 1922 USMC service cover from my collection.


As issued to PFC Thomas A VanHorne who served in Nicaragua with 2Bde Air Squadrons in 1930.


It has remnants of the G W Alexander Co, Reading, PA Contract stamp. Date is unclear, but is pre 1929 as VanHorne enlisted 25 Feb 1929.

EGA is 1920’s vintage and original to the cover. I added the strap which is an unissued original.C17CBD15-8DB3-4618-9FF0-94558C9BC60E.jpeg.5ad79e451af76cf2fc7442df9e1f454c.jpeg26222C48-1287-4F80-82F0-2A4F867D8DA8.jpeg.5b7a96389bee6f5d873f6b13f390beee.jpegF667BD59-FECB-4BBC-AE94-DA883F33F14A.jpeg.3627eb4451195d2103698552bd49d4b6.jpeg54EB710B-9543-4E9F-B590-FD06BEDC1413.jpeg.b07e6a8cbfb77cbf9cd5bdfee176346e.jpegCCC5ADAA-E333-4720-A074-EFC5F2708754.jpeg.1fa628af2217ca5768c204de91425138.jpeg297135A5-2EF6-45D3-B77F-B2A8ED629155.jpeg.6afe6c2c0e53a13c4c6ed5dd307c492f.jpeg2A078DE6-C396-423C-8268-3B28FBCCF2AF.jpeg.cc4ef8fd08e9b9f9db1a0082f8a4696c.jpeg402E3D28-B734-47E0-8A67-C97963496DAB.jpeg.609b08fc6c1cd4e0d1a3f4c946d10775.jpeg10E48343-0427-4B60-B4F4-4C4573632D2E.jpeg.bb9ebe4da6c8659fae88e4fbcb0e1090.jpeg33A0D477-B9F1-460F-9024-9F7B7DD35282.jpeg.6d1ccd7269add50036020447ec60d2ef.jpegB645E060-6F7C-46C5-A6D8-49F8D4E18C66.jpeg.c1311ae2a6e13de6c8449f26726c7109.jpeg640C9B97-6C0C-491E-8297-E14ABE6661F1.jpeg.955f20d1176ffeaf90392653e620fa00.jpeg192CA5B7-918D-44E4-B3D3-B987C5DC357F.jpeg.e0aa9b0a973edae6568ac43c6321123c.jpeg

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Very nice cover. I have seen several campaign hat attributed to Marines in the Banana War time frame, including a couple in my own collection and they all have the two row stitching at the brim. Yours is exceptionally nice. Thanks for sharing. 

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Very nice hat.  IMO these interwar Marine campaign hats are harder to find than those from WWI.  I have a few of them myself.  

Thanks for sharing it with us.



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