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Plans for toy machine gun!

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I just made a most exciting discovery! Although not rare, plans for making WWII-period wooden toys are not always easy to find. Most were printed in woodworking publications, children's magazines, etc. I have a few from these sources. The one posted below, however, is special. As you can see, I have one of the wooden machine guns made from these plans!


The wooden machine gun, as stated in a separate post, was made for a boy from Illinois. His father gave it to him when he was about nine years old. The set of plans shown date to 1951, but I learned that the plans were originally distrubuted by the same company in 1944. This fits perfectly with the time whan the boy received the gun as a gift. Knowing that there are plans from 1944, I will be watching for them. I suspect the only difference in the two sets will be the packaging.









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That kid on the cover is gonna shoot his eye out!

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