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WWII Army Medical Corps insignia - What letters?


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Been searching, but so far, not finding an answer to my question. Anywhere that shows/lists the different Army Medical insignia and what they were for? The caduceus with a letter in the center - that's what I'm particularly trying to find out what the letters stand for and what letters there actually were. Thanks for any help!



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Oh, great! I can make most of it out, I think . . . .


Medical Corps (nothing on the caduceus) 

Medical Administrative Corps (an A)

Contract Surgeon (an S)

Dental Corps (a D)

Army Nurse Corps (an N)

Sanitary Corps (an S)

Hospital something (can't see what initials)

I'm think a PT Aide? (can't see initials)



So . . . sparks a few questions. What is a "contract" surgeon? Also, what did the Medical Administrative Corps handle? And those last two . . . anyone know the details?

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Contract Surgeons (CS on the caduceus later just C) were civilian employees of the Army. Many Contract Surgeons were women because a woman could not be an Army doctor so they were contracted and not actually in the Army. Medical Administrative Corps is just what the name implies, they were not medical personnel but do the paper work and keep everything running smoothly.

There were also;

R for Medical reserve (WWI)


MS for Medical Service

WS (the same letters but turned up side down) for Women's Service



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