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KU Hawaiian War God to Captain of USS Halsey

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Here is an odd one, picked up in a Virginia antiques co-op.  This is a decent size presentation ceramic Hawaiian KU tiki to Captain George William Ringenberg and dated the day he assumed command of the USS HALSEY (DLG/CG-23) on 7 September 1964.  The USS HALSEY was a Leahy -class guided missile cruiser.   I have since found out that Ringenberg was a noted anti-submarine warfare specialist with a long decorated career.  The Hawaiian language on the bottom 'HOONANI KAMAKUA KE KEIKI AME KA UHANE HEMOLELE, AMENE' translates to 'Glory be to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Amen'.  I think Ringenberg got the ship in San Diego, but this KU had to come from Hawaii.  The inscription is under the glaze so I am guessing it was probably made locally on Oahu, but don't know.....  










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