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Fixed bail “Combat Repair”. Is it worth it?

Ryan Reese

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Good evening USMF!


I stumbled upon a few decent M1’s today and I wanted to reach out for some insight. I was very interested in this one in particular. Here’s what the tag reads: 


“WW2 U.S. M-1 Helmet front seam McCord early fixed bail-combat repair when bales broke. Heat stamp #531 Westinghouse Liner”


They’ll take $240 for it. Seems like a good price but I had a couple concerns…


- Is it common to see a fixed bail turned swivel bail?


- It looks like it was camouflaged with spray paint.


- I assumed that’s a 1st lieutenant bar up front. But it seem pretty big. 


- Is this a good price?


Thank you!








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Does this look like a repaint?


Any ideas on the oversized looking Lt bar painted in the front?


Not sure why the photos are loading sideways. 


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Fixed bail conversion to swivel bail is not unusual. Not an expert by any means, but the camouflage paint job looks recent to me. 

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Thanks Gap! I was wrong about swap to swivels bales. They were actually repaired to fixed bales. 


Here are some better photos of the repaired bales and the riveted chin straps. 

I’d love to hear some thoughts!









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Those bales definitely look like field repairs, which I think is pretty neat. Chinstraps as well. 


The paint and texture appear to post-war. Not sure about the camo. 

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Would expect something a bit more pristine rather than repaired and possibly painted or a rarer make for that amount of money. But you have to decide that based on what your comps are.



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Here's a forum discussion showing helmets with similar elongated U-shaped fixed loops modification. This was likely a post-war modification done at the Milan Army Ammunition Plant.


Unusual M1 Helmet found at Nashville TN Flea Market - M-1; M-1C & M-2 HELMETS - U.S. Militaria Forum (usmilitariaforum.com)


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