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Saint Clair paratrooper liner


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Certainly one of the rarest models in US liner, here is a Saint Clair in paratrooper configuration. Note the rather artisanal design for the manufacture of the liner itself.


It was taken directly from house to house at Sainte Mère Eglise last year. It was probably reused after the war, hence (alas) the removal of the straps and the addition of 2 aluminum rivets to secure what appears to be a handle. There is a piece of netting is caught in the rivet?


Some traces of gray paint that could suggest USN gray ...


In short, a rare liner that most certainly jumped on June 6












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Wow! Great piece! It's nice to see that there are still remnants of the chinstrap tucked under the vertical bar washers! 

It propapbly found it's way into a household of a frenchmen where it was used for daily tasks. 

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Burning Hazard

Interesting example of a rare liner. Honestly I have only seen one other St Clair jump liner and that one was in Oosterman's book.


Looks like this liner was converted into a bucket of some sort, maybe to collect dripping water? Note the front insignia eyelet is sealed with something.



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Shame about the webbing, but these low pressures are something else. Absolutely love the matte dark green color they have when in good condition, nice find 😁

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