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Practice grenade question


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What version of practice grenade body is this?  Mk II, mk 2A1, or M21?  It appears to have original green paint in the recesses between the fragment sections.  It is threaded on the top and has an unthreaded hole for the cork in the bottom.  The body is marked with the stylized  "S" and G9.

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Persian Gulf Command

Its purpose was to be a standard practice grenade with an un-threaded and larger than 9/16 opening on the bottom. Normally a cork was placed there to allow for an audible report when the grenade was thrown at the practice range containing a small amount of black powder.  The markings are just standard for that particular manufacturer, often referred to as the "lazy S".  Yours was probably never used for the purpose as it never had the light blue paint applied.



Practice Grenade.jpg

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