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Arid Camo M1


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This here's one of my most treasured lids, bought from the good man at Oakleaf. 

A camo M1 of early production, a heat stamp of 174A with raised bar chinstrap hardware. Came with goggles, though I removed them for today's photoshoot. The sunset really brought out the colors of the camo and original finish!

The liner is either unworn or very lightly worn, as the webbing is beautiful and the sweatband, though showing some age, is still supple and retains that bright orange color! Late war liner for an early war shell. 

There is however a stress fracture to the rear, another less fortunate sign of early production.


The liner strap is a NoS addition, a DOT to match the liner's other latewar components. 

I hope you all enjoy!




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