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Civil War artillery collection


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A friend of ours died from COVID complications at the end of January; he'd been a longtime CW Artillery reenactor (both sides) and collector. His sister sold or gave away a number of items to other reenactors, but decided to gift us the bulk of his items - to include 60 shells, bolts, cannon balls etc. There's also a number of reenactment pieces (including his Confederate artilleryman uniform and accoutrements, as well as original insignia, ancillary items like cartridge pouches, friction ignitors, fuses etc. Since I recently had surgery to reattach my left quadriceps I'm not going to get through this stuff soon, but I did manage to take a few photos today...


Mark sends









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4th Miss Cav

Sorry for your loss.  You have a little bit of everything in there.  That 6 or 12lb ball on wooden sabot with straps is a beauty.  Very nice dress belt with all the attachments.  You have some wonderful items.





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