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Thoughts on Ebay Constab liner


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On eBay #144431385099


A) looks sprayed on - there are a couple areas of paint bleed (liners were hand painted by genuine artists)


B) missing liner polish (to OD parts)


C) condition is superb - like it was completed right before the original buyer bought it or we are all living in 1946 right now. It's just in too perfect condition to be true. I have four, have seen many others, and with only one exception, they showed wear.  That one exception has polish...... 


Am NOT a liner collector except for Constab, so if any liner experts can add something to this thread, please chime in.      


fake constab liner 2022.jpg

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iron bender

I'll say with 100% confidence this is a nice modern art fake. The liner is original and is of late war manufacture

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