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USN 5" MK5 38 CAL Shell & Projectile Pair


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I picked these by chance today when I went to retrieve items I bought at an on-line auction. I noticed this ordinance, one on each side of a fireplace and wanted to kick myself for not noticing in the auction. I asked about the two and was told they were not in the auction. A representative of the estate was outside so I asked him about selling. He said they were going to have a flea market type sale and sell the pair then. I made him an offer and he jumped. Anyhow the projectile is a heavy 53 lbs.. and the casings are 26 3/4" high. The casings are marked 1945 and the projectiles are stamped DUMMY. 

a3995 (2).jpeg




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On 2/26/2022 at 4:00 PM, lilfry14 said:

They look like brass practice dummies. Nice find i have one with a ton of dents on the nose section.


Were they used more than once? The nose on one of them is worn and out of shape.

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4 hours ago, Hazynj said:

Where they used more than once? The nose on one of them is worn and out of shape.

Ya they were used on the practice loader machines on the ship. There's no driving band on it so it wouldn't have been fireable anyways. 

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Very nice. I have been looking for a 5” projectile for awhile to fill a case, they are out there but shipping costs have killed the deals. Ordnance items slowly show up but between auction fees plus shipping, gets to deep into my pocket.


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