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Donald W Schnur AMM1c


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I am the Grand Niece of Donald W Schnur who served and died in WWII.  He enlisted in the Navy with his brother, John.  My family and I recently became aware of a restored jumper of my Grand Uncle posted on this site.  The story described in the post along with the jumper is pretty accurate.  My Grandfather told us many times about his brother, and we are in possession of documents proving our ancestry.  

I have two questions- where do these articles of clothing come from on EBay, etc in order for collectors and restorers to purchase?  Is the Navy releasing them, family members or what/who can be the original source?  To our knowledge, none of our family members were in possession of my Uncle’s uniforms.  

Second, does anyone know how I can get in touch with the individual who restored my Uncle’s jumper?  I see that he is no longer a member of this forum, but perhaps someone knows him?  

Thank you in advance.





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JP, How his blue uniform ended up out of the family can be any one of a dozen scenarios. 

As an example of how this could happen, I remember my dad telling me that he left one set of his blue jumpers at a friend's house in California before shipping out to Pearl Harbor in 1944. He never picked it up later so who knows what happened to it.

As far as the owner of your uncle's jumper, maybe go thru some of the current owners threads to see if any of one responded to him that sounds like they know him, and then message that person.

Good luck!


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