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USGI Winchester 12 Ga. #8 Chilled shot


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I noticed there was a pinned thread in the reference section on SG shells but you cannot randomly post to it so I thought I would add this crate and can to the forum. I don’t have a SB or SNL handy that may date this lot but I suspect either late 44 or 45.  



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Thanks, it was the first complete set I've had a chance to buy with sealed spam can and matching crate.  The one can was already opened when I purchased it so it made it easy not to have to make the decision. 

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Charlie Flick

That is indeed a neat set with the carton, the spam can and the crate all together.  Thanks for posting it.


I have taken one of your pics and added it to the Reference section thread on USGI Shotgun Ammunition and credited you for the photo.



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Thank you for posting the pic of the opened box.  I guess I could have opened one but I don't have to now.  Thank you for sharing.  I have a box of Western chilled shot that looks about the same





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