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Relic of Bell AH-1G Cobra Helicopter 71-21013 (155th)


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This is what appears to be a Crew-made desk display made from parts of Cobra 71-21013 from the 155th Attack Helicopter Company (Fort ORD).


It has a label saying it crashed at Fort Hunter Liggett California on April 1977.  It consists of a fire control panel, clock and data plate along with two sets of wings.  Looks like a Pen holder has been added to the control panel.


Does anyone have any information on this Helicopter or the crash?  I hope everyone got out OK.


I am curious about the story. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Highest Regards







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There are no AH-1G air crew losses between Dec 74 and May 78 for AH-1Gs so whatever incident took place they survived or the check pilot survived if it had come out of maintenance for a check ride. 


Wonderful piece of Army Aviation memorabilia and sure to keep a desk pilot busy flipping switches for grins & giggles. Its like the adult version of a baby's activity station.

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