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Not a fancy kevlar


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I bought this from a gentleman several years at a gun show. He said he used it on his deployment but being the dummy I am I did not ask when, where, or his name or unit. The cover is pretty grungy. It has nasty old tape on the chinstraps and inside the helmet. The webbing inside is kind of grungy too except the sweat band. I guess he replaced it and then didn't use it much after that. It's marked M-1 and dated 1986. The casualty cards were in the webbing. Looks like they were still using old stock from Viet Nam. Thanks for looking. I know it's not fancy but I like it.


20220205_132454 (1).jpg





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No excuses have to be made for that helmet.  

Awesome, legit, field-worn example.  DCU pattern cover, likely Iraq or Afghanistan lid.


1986 date would be first pattern of what those who wore them called “your Kevlar”, what collectors call “Pass GT” (PASGT).


Foliage band looks added later, maybe when sweatband was.

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Nice helmet for sure. No foliage slits is the earlier model of the cover, but they still got issued out during the GWOT as well.  Hindsight is 20/20 for sure, but at least you know now to get the story.

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