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Grenade Adaptor?

Elliott R

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On 2/12/2022 at 8:20 PM, lilfry14 said:

Rifle grenade. Or a MK2 frag in a rifle grenade adapter. Spoon is incorrect, not sure if the grenade is authentic, looks promising aside from the paint.

The grenade is a repro. The serrations in the neck do not extend up to the fuze assembly.

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wow, this post has 2 pages now. Y'all have some really cool adapters! Out of curiosity, what purpose did removing one prong have in the the 60s? did it make the adapter more aerodynamic?

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Were these grenade adapters used with the 'M-7 LAUNCHER M-1RIFLE" or was that something altogether different? Sorry if this is silly question but ordnance is not one of my primary collecting areas.

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Yes, they were used for all standard grenade launchers (22mm) used by the US (M1, M2, M7 thru A3, M8, and the retention adapter on the M16's)


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