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Dondero D2.


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I pulled this off the internet:

History of Dondero, Incorporated:

A.H. Dondero, Inc. was started in 1922 by Colonel A.H. Dondero. As a retired quartermaster officer he recognized the need for supplying quality uniforms and uniform appointments for officers of the armed forces. He distributed and manufactured officer uniforms, uniform accessories, distinctive unit insignia and all most any uniform item that an officer would need during his tour of duty.

Colonel Dondero originally had a taylor shop and show room on Pennsylvania Avenue, one block away from the White House. Some of his more notable military clients included General John J. Pershing, General Douglas McArthur, General George C. Marshal, General Hap Arnold, officers of all ranks and even some foreign governments personnel from 1922 until the mid-1970's.


I hope that is helpful.



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Here are a few Dondero Hallmarks for reference. The D2 hallmark was used on the Army Pathfinder badge that was issued in metal form around 1969, so D2 was used at least up until that time frame.

AH Dondero D2.JPG

AH Dondero.JPG

Dondero crestJPG.JPG


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