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d-day normandy 6june 44 4th division utah beach


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hello all and thank you for your comments!

to continue with the troops in normandy

By the 8th division

Here is a piece I did a few months since it is of a bedding roll of a Lt Colonel of the 121st regiment of the 8th division

o perccy Forgy


native of arkansas

this lt colonel was killed on 27 July 1944 perrier

decoration, bronze star purple heart

and adds a legere still life specific to any division insignia all different manufacturers, for that extra edge with the green insignia of lt col, and the book division


a small page of history


In Normandy

July 1944 - the 8th DI battle in the vicinity of the Haye du Puits On 4 July 1944, the 8th DI landed on Omaha Beach. It was attached to the 8th Corps with three divisions were to advance toward La Haye du Puits, at the western end of the front. After grouped around Montebourg 8th DI joined the front on 7 July and the day after it attacked his first goal, the Ay River. Although handicapped by his inexperience and difficulties caused by the grove, she managed to settle on the right bank of the Ay in mid-July. She buried on defensive positions in anticipation of the start of Operation Cobra.

On 26 July at 5:30, the 28th and 121st RI rushed to the assault. The increase was initially difficult, an attack against enemy reaching to defeat some of the 121st RI companies that could not survive on the southern shore and were forced to retraverser the river. However, the afternoon the next day, the German positions had been permanently overwhelmed by the action of the two regiments and the 79th and 90th DI and the 6th DB could rush into the breach.

Following the division head, the path crossed the 8th DI Coutances, Granville, Beauchamps. After the capture of the bridge Pontaubault she reorganized southwest of Avranches before reaching St James on the evening of August 3 From there she went to Brittany in the direction of Rennes.


bastogne44 said the cousin








ici avec un crest (systeme a vis) du 28th regiment de la 8th division



Lt. Col. Percy O'Dell Forgy was born on July 21 , 1902 in Dierks AR .


He graduated from the university of Arkansas in 1925 and was immediately commissioned a 2nd Lt. , Infantry , U.S. Army Reserve .

Percy was called to active duty for the second time in 1941 and , by May 1942 , assigned to the 76th Infantry Division at Ft. Meade , MD .

In June 1944 , he assumed command of the 2nd Battalion , 121st. Infantry Regiment , 8th Infantry Division , then in Fierce Combat against the Germans in Normandy .

On July 26 , 1944 , the 121st. Infantry attacked the east-west highway between Periers and Lessay , France .

At approximately 12:30 , Col. Forgy was talking to one of his company commanders on the radio .

At that moment , his command post took a direct hit from a German artillery round , felling the entire staff .

A piece of shrapnel struck between the handset and his helmet , mortally wounding him .

Col. Forgy refused treatment until his men were evacuated , but before the medics could return , he died .

Col. Forgy was awarded a bronze star medal for valor .




This is a very nice piece of your collection. LTC Forgy was my grandfather and he is buried at Normandy. If you have any other information regarding this piece, or are willing to part with it, please contact me directly.


C'est un morceau très gentil de votre collection. LTC Forgy était mon père et il est enterré chez la Normandie. Si vous avez n'importe quelle autre information concernant ce morceau, ou êtes disposé à partie avec lui, svp contactez-moi directement.

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many thanks for you comment


I present my new model

a soldier of the 29th Division 175th Infantry Regiment of pourvayeur bazooka, with a carrying bag ammunition m-1 bag filled with 6 cardboard tubes, each containing a bazooka rocket.

This soldier has fought mesnil Rouxelin (famous cote 108) north of St Lo

he s acts

linas saul of baltimore kia June 19, 1944

Company K (3rd bm) 175th Regiment

the regiment was part of the origin is from the 175th particularly in Baltimore Maryland.

No I did not want to represent this man because I do not know its function ........ etc.

it is just for the memory

Presenter is the model of pure inspiration of a picture book that I found subblime (daily dawn-al j)


Place a photo


Origin of the Emblem

This is because of opposition among Northern troops against those of the South, the blue uniforms cons gray uniforms, all in a yin yang Korean. The logo of the 29th Infantry Division was born. To clarify that the Confederate troops were from Maryland and the Unionists of Virginia and both were part of the 29th. Hence the symbolism of yin and yang harmony, which represents the fusion of former enemies who have become brothers in arms today.



Slogan Division

The slogan of the division, 29 Let's Go (29th, here we go!) Was invented by Major-General Charles H. Gerhardt. The idea of using this term came to him during the speech by General Dwight Eisenhower sent the troops in preparation for the Normandy landings in June 1944.








Here the dog) tags from our man









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some objects from the division or that we can distinguish a crest of the 175th regiment, a card turns and st lo, and stars and stripes which are for first title fights st lo




helmet 29th division (belgium!)




booklet 29th division imprimé paris 1945






to be continued...

sorry for me language ..............translate!! :thumbdown:

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thanks johan :thumbsup:


here's what our man could have carried in his pack

No nothing is bound to this man, c is the pure fiction

j did qqs pictures of basic things that can make a beautiful set for personal items.

I chose different brands that allows a variety of brands of all kinds!

after researching the net the man is Jewish



qqs models of bibles, song books of Jewish









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notre a adopté le gourde en plastique et emporte avec lui une fiole de capsule pour purifier l eau.


ration k and elements ration c




















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kia-killed in action ---- Purple Heart




Unfortunately many family epouse.etc will receive an email with these 3 letters KIA

mentioned in their mail and receive after by the famous purple heart qqs and personal effects from their defun.

But that is not going to erase the pain of the loss of their loved anything or anyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

voila c is normally all

may be a picture here and if I forgot something!

ps some works presented are not in very good condition it is just for the record I chose items with this label collector said ground because most of the pieces are laundry number

I am also inspired by a theme issue of cousin yannick said cote 108 entitled truss st lo

for the presentation of objects as objects found in excavations are always nice to see them but not dig: wink:

such wounds tablet, purification of water, cape anti-gas ...... etc.

j espere that you will like it and I'm all ears for comments

hat soon


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thanks ccmax :thumbsup:


Here are some letters and v-mail regiment of 29th Division

Unfortunately some are kia :crying:





technician 5th class walther e heym (new jersey)...............121st engineer combat batallion died 15 july 1945





pvt harold f strong anti tank 115th infantry regiment





sgt kenneth d dirth 116th infantry regiment (kia)..........novembre 1944?

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my favorit letter


lt col harold a cassell 0363852

hq 116th inf regiment.

served with the 29th infantry division and landed on normandy beach on june6,1944










to be continued...

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thank for you compliment blake :thumbsup:

hat soon

You are the best Bruno

But most of Belgian people are likewise

Yannick is out of competition, since he the best amongst the bests


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