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WW2 US Grenade Help


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I have been offered this Grenade.  The Fuse is a KodaK and a M10A3.  The Grenade body is a C maker marked-MK2 A1.  The concern I have is the paint on the body and the fuse pull ring.  The pull ring looks to be new to me, and the grenade body paint looks too good to be original.  The yellow ring at the top is very sharp.  Opinions?

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100% it has been repainted. The pull ring is post WW2. Also the grenade body is a Mk2 body that has been converted to a lighter, they were sold as a novelty. 

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5 hours ago, cerick1450 said:

Thank you for the help.  The plug at the bottom of the grenade did not look correct to me.  Is that what tells it was a lighter at one time?

Yeah the larger screw opening with coin size slot to unscrew it. Some well even still have the piece of cotton in it that absorbes the fluid.

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Dirt Detective

From what I can see it looks like it may be a fake spoon and fuze..  Check out this thread it covers what I believe this fuze is.  can you post some pics of the fuze and spoon apart?


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