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WW2 M-1938 Tanker Helmet


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I would like your feedback on this US M-1938 Tanker Helmet.

Rawlings Manufacturing.

What to think of this complete brown painting ? special unit at that time ? Post-war helmet reuse ?


Thank you.


Casque US tanker Brown 1.jpg

Casque US tanker Brown 2.jpg

Casque US tanker Brown 3.jpg

Casque US tanker Brown 4.jpg

Casque US tanker Brown 5.jpg

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Nice helmet, the brown color is rather unique. In my personal collection I have M38's painted red, blue, black, gray, and maroon. I have no concrete data on why these tanker helmets were painted only word of mouth. I do know some were painted to distinguish a unit commander from his men, an identification method. I know were used to signify certain specialty personnel such as range or safety officers. I suspect some were used by armor school cadre and some were simply personal whimsy. Wish I had better information for you but this is all I got lol.



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Hello Larry !


Thank you for your feed-back ! and sorry for the delay to answer...


I didn't know there was so many painting color options for the M38 helmets... interesting !



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