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Yellow Mk2 with container


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I’m new here to usmf so I thought I would post this beautiful grenade I had the opportunity to add to my collection and I couldn’t be happier with it. Happy to finally have a solid bottom yellow mk 2 in my collection with container. 





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Persian Gulf Command

Looks like a nice early WW2 yellow grenade. with correct container.


The issue with these is always if the yellow paint is period.  I would suggest that you make sure by 1. determining if the paint is very hard.  Meaning if you can press your fingernail into the surface and it easily leaves a dent the indication is that the paint is still curing and has been recently applied. 2. Put the grenade in the sun or apply heat with a hair dryer. If there is any smell of the pigment carriers, again the paint is still curing and has been recently applied.  If none of these tests are positive, then it's all about the tone of the yellow color and patina on the paint surface and that looks promising form the pictures.     

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Thanks for the tips on checking authenticity I’m sure those will come in handy the more I collect ordnance. This grenade gives me no doubts though it’s from the Kenneth G Hickle collection. There is an article on here that mentions the grenade that was found along with some other items. Really cool read with pictures of his helmet that took a shrapnel hit in the front. He was on Tarawa, Saipan, Tinian, and Okinawa according to the story. Thanks for checking the grenade out. I will post some more of my stuff in the future. 

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Dirt Detective

Welcome to the forum midwestmk1,

                                                             Nice lookin yellow frag...thats a great first post. 

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Thanks Brian it took me awhile to obtain it. I did see a couple of your other posts and you have a nice M1. What year is it? I have a ww2 stock that H&R rebuilt in 1954. I’m assuming it probably went to WW2 and Korea but I can’t prove that. Thanks for checking the grenade out. 

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