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Grenade, Gas Mark V

Brian Keith

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Here is a grenade I found in an antique mall years ago. It didn’t have a fuze, but it did have the wooden shipping plug that I thought was neat.

It has been fired, and as you can see, the inherent vice is slowly destroying it. I’m contemplating using Evapo-Rust on it.




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Yes, it does have a threaded hole. I'll submerge it in Evapo-rust when I am able to keep a close eye on it. I may end up just selling it as-is.

Thanks for your comments!


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Persian Gulf Command

So, is the fuse on mine incorrect for the Mk V gas grenade? 

Were they only launched as a rifle grenade, thus different fuse, or also thrown after pulling the pin on a standard defensive grenade fuse?

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Here's a CS hand grenade compared to a CS rodded rifle grenade. Essentially the same grenade except the bottom plate on the rodded rifle grenade is thicker and has a threaded hole to accept the steel rod. It also has a contact fuse where the hand grenade has one with a delay. Pictured is the contact fuse unscrewed and the primer and firing pin exposed.






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