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PRACT MK II A 1 Grenade and Container

Brian Keith

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Grenade, Hand, Practice, Mk. IIA1, in original shipping container marked “PRACT MK II A 1”.

Blue painted practice grenade, body casting mark “N”, fuze sealed on with black glue. A reference I found indicated the “N” marked were from WW I era Mk.II grenades. It has a threaded bottom filler hole. When found, it had an incorrect “spoon” from a smoke grenade, “FUZE M200A1 LOT 2-23159-20”. I changed it out with a more correct “M10A2” spoon.

A nice flea market find in 1998 for $12!

Thanks for looking.






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What's the bottom of the grenade look like? It looks post WW1, aka inter-war body. Possibly a type 2 body, it all depends on what the bottom hole looks like. 

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I was wrong, this is a type 1 body, not a type 2. So this is a 1918 to 20s era body. I would say its a Grenade, Hand, Practice, Mk. II, not a MK2A1 practice since that didn't come out till the 40s. Someone probably just put it in that container. 

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