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Help ID'ing A FFAR-like 2.75 in Rocket w/Bomblets


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I picked up this cutaway rocket a couple weeks ago and haven't found anything remotely similar on Google.


It contains around 10 small bomblets that look like they were made on a CNC machine. I'm thinking this was a prototype Mighty Mouse and would love some more info on it. Does anyone know what this is or how much it's worth?


Thank you!




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Charlie Flick

From the BuWeps reference and the contract number it appears to be a Navy item.  However, I can't be any more specific than that as my reference materials do not show this version of the Mighty Mouse.  Neat item.



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Older 2.75” pre-80’s? The pop out long, hinged fins was the early design rocket motor.  Navy as Charlie stated. The warhead looks weird, a fuze is absent, looks like a windshield design nose cone which would suggest a “ payload “ design. The payload munitions unknown, and not standard FFAR stuff. My guess, an experimental design? Can you get a picture of how the warhead is attached? The standard warheads have a square acme type thread and is screwed into the rocket body.

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with any ordnance there were many experimental items.this looks like an xm type that resembles a rockeye type projectile in a cargo head....................dave

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