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Vietnam Marine's Viet Cong flag


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I just picked this up from a US marine who fought during the Tet Offensive. This was one of the flags he brought home in 1969. I do not know much about these flags but he told me that this was from Da Nang and refers to the Viet Cong forces attempting to take over Da Nang. 


I would love to hear feedback from people because I have recently started collecting Vietnam items aside from my usual WWII collecting. Thanks and enjoy!



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14 hours ago, Kurt Barickman said:

Interesting, which unit was the Marine attached to?


Thanks for sharing.



I will ask him when I see him next week and try to get as much info about his service. 

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Ill let others chime in but to me the flag looks suspect.. I would need to see a wartime photo of the vet with this flag to ease my suspicions, but it seems flags similar to these are always fake, and bring back ones with the writing i have seen look a bit different. 

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22 hours ago, Blacksmith said:

Please forgive me, but did they put year dates on flags during the war?





Apparently they did.  If you have Emring's book, there are two examples of "hero unit flags" that have dates (years) on them on pg. 124 and 125.



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My concern with this flag is that the star in the center should be some variation of yellow or gold. 


The material for the star looks dirty white, and may have been artificially aged.  Meanwhile the red and blue fields look pristine. 

It is hard to reconcile the two.  Why would any one sew a flag with substandard materials?


There is no wear and tear to this flag.  It looks like it was made a week ago. 


The marine had a photo of him holding it in Vietnam, which is often the case with trophy flags, the story would have more credibility. 


It would be interesting to hear the story of how this was acquired.  If it was captured during fighting it should have some signs of use or display. 


There are dozens of recently sewn reproduction "hero unit flags" available on eBay.  I suspect this is one of them. 

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