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Camp Shelby Mississippi Military Museum in Hattiesburg, MS - Excellent

Chim Chim the Diminutive

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Chim Chim the Diminutive

The museum at Camp Shelby is amazing. The outdoor exhibit consists of numerous armored vehicles and aircraft. Inside are rotating exhibits that include general military history displays and displays specifically related to Mississippi military history. Some of the little known WW II history presented includes the training of the American Japanese soldiers at Camp Shelby and the training the Free Dutch Air Force in Jackson, MS. The museum has a really comprehensive reference library.


About 40 Dutch aviators are buried in a cemetery in Jacksons, MS, most of whom died in training crashes. The Dutch government does a memorial ceremony at the cemetery each May. Be careful if you visit the cemetery, it is in rough part of town.


This museum is definitely worth the visit. The army surplus stores in the area are disappointing. 

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