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Raider Dog Tag KIA/Silver Star.


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Q Company, 4th Raider Battalion, 1st Raider Regiment tag recovered at Camp Tassfarononga, Guadalcanal. 


PFC Jack Wallace Morgan, Tacoma, Washington
KIA / Silver Star
4th Raider Battalion, 2BN, 4th Marines
The News Tribune 7 Jan 1945(Tacoma)
Valley Lad Guam Hero
By S/Sgt Ed Meagher of 2905 N. 19th St., Tacoma a Marine Corps combat correspondent.
Somewhere in the South Pacific (delayed). This is the story of a young American who would not quit.  The word is not part of his vocabulary and that was one of the reasons Marines smashed the Japs at Guam.
He is PFC Jack W Morgan, 19 of Tacoma, former all-around athlete at Federal Way High School in Pierce County all-conference football player.
When his platoon stormed ashore, Morgan was one of the first Marines hit.  Intense motor fire and grenade fire pinned the platoon to the beach. The Japs launched a series of “banzai” charges
A mortar shell exploded near Morgan.   Multiple fragments ripped into him, he gave himself hurried first aid and continued pouring .30 caliber slugs into the Japs.
A second “banzai” charge broke loose aimed at turning the Marines right flank.  Morgan blasted away at the screaming attackers with his M1 rifle.  Hot lead dissolved the demoniacal charge.  The battle became an exchange of hand grenades and Morgan who could have retreated, but did not, was struck by another fragment.
Of the 46 men in his platoon, only 17 came through the battle unscathed.
Morgan is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Morgan of 3732 S. Tacoma Ave., Tacoma.

4th Marine Raider Battalion before getting placed into 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines when the Raiders were absorbed into the newly recreated 4th Regiment.
On L-Day of Guam invasion, he was awarded the Silver Star posthumously for his actions. 
 The President of the United States of America takes pride in presenting the Silver Star (Posthumously) to Private First Class --------- (MCSN: 864714), United States Marine Corps Reserve, for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity while serving with the Second Battalion, Fourth Marines, Reinforced, First Provisional Marine Brigade, in action against enemy Japanese forces on Guam, Marianas Islands, on 21 July 1944. Although seriously wounded by enemy mortar fire while stationed at the farthest advance of his platoon, Private First Class ------- refused to move to the rear for medical attention and, steadfastly remaining in his strategic position, courageously delivered accurate, extremely effective fire in the face of desperate, suicidal hostile counterattacks until he was mortally wounded. Private First Class ------- indomitable fighting spirit and great personal valor were an inspiration to the men of his unit and in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service. He gallantly gave his life for his country.
2nd BN landing.
On landing, the 2d Battalion (Major John S.
Messer), on the left, hit a low but strongly defended hill less than 100 yards from the shoreline. Maps had not disclosed this 10-20-foot
elevation whose reverse slope offered the enemy
excellent protection." Major Messer's men
made slow progress, but by noon the pocket of
resistance had been reduced and the 2d Started
toward Mt. Alifan.















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