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Massachusetts National Guard Maksmanship Medals

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Hello All;

Just got back to inventoring my collection so I just took photos of one large frame two small frames. The large frame are Marksmanship Team medals of MVM (Massachusetts Volunteer Milita) and MANG. The change from one to the other consisted of the name change only. Although the medals did undergo modifications from one manufacturer to another. Also from ribbon drape to pin back and back to ribbon drape. I have additional team medals but those are within named groups.


The shield shaped Maksmanship medals show the basic three at the top with seldom/rare seen three at the bottom.


The last frame are United Services of New England Tournament and Match medals in; Gold, Silver and Bronze. I have more of this type but they haven't been placed in mounts as yet.Enjoy looking and if you have any questions please ask away.



John Gisetto Sr.






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