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Odd Post-War Writing in a WW1 Cartridge Belt

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HI all,


I've had this a while now and have never really given any thought to the writing on the inside of this cartridge belt.  I'm curious to what the covered up "TNS 1" might be, but I am more interested as to what the "1929 Nogales/Noqules" might mean.  I know there is a town in Mexico named Nogales, but the date puts it way past the Mexican Border War.  I'm going to be selling this and some other bits of my collection soon, so I want to get my descriptions as accurate as possible.  Thank you!

CB (1).jpg

CB (2).jpg

CB (3).jpg

CB (4).jpg

CB (5).jpg

CB (6).jpg

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Nogales is probably the one in Arizona, still, it does give a hint of Mexican Border Duty, as Nogales abuts the Mexican border.


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Funny how Nogales, Mexico and Nogales, Arizona are only a few minutes away from each other. 

could this belt have been used in the inter-war years during garrison duty?  

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The Escobar Rebellion of 1929 was a conflict in northern Mexico between the government forces of President Emilio Portes Gil and rebel forces under the command of General José Gonzalo Escobar. The short-lived rebellion (March 3 to April 30, 1929) ended when General Escobar accepted U.S. brokered surrender terms at Nogales, Mexico. The markings on your cartridge  belt plausibly suggest that they were the work of a veteran of the Rebellion, either a rebel or a Federale, a souvenir to commemorate his service, aka: A "bring back".


Here is a period photo showing well equipped rebel soldiers at Nogales, Sonora, Mexico ca. March 1929.  Is the rebel officer in the foreground wearing the same model cartridge belt?



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The TNS1 appears to be a unit mark. a wild guess might be Train section 1. I doubt that the other mark is military. it might well be some individual involved in the revolt discussed above.

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