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M1- FS SB with 1st type Hawley liner


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This is an interesting one.  I didnt expect to find a Hawley liner in a swivel bail shell.  First type Hawley in pretty good shape. All came from same source.  Hawley fits snugly inside the shell, and it is interesting to see wavy imprints in the shell, corresponding to the fabric of the Hawley liner, almost like a fingerprint.  The shell is front seam, Schleuter.   The musette bag, canteen/belt selt, and bayonet comes from the same source.

I would assume the Hawley would have been originally paired with a fixed bail, but perhaps was damaged and just a new shell issued.







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Nice grouping! Cool to have the Hawley liner. I have a Schlueter shell that was a FB and was converted to a SB. I don’t know if you would see any evidence of that being done to yours? Nice pickup!



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