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WW2 fixed loop McCord with strange "dots"


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I recently acquired this helmet, a fixed loop McCord, heat stamp 363C in original WW2 condition, except the chinstrap (only one left) being Vietnam period. No liner with it. What irritates me is that there are - in lack of a better word - dots at front, back, and both sides (see pictures). They are hard to see, color is the same but they look a bit glossy. Does anybody have an idea about their meaning or function?


Disclaimer: Statements about the helmet are made with my current level of knowledge. If you are in disagreement with anything, please correct me.





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26 minutes ago, iron bender said:

Looks to me like it had stickers on it that were removed


17 minutes ago, robinb said:

I agree. A round price tag sticker.


Ha, thank you guys, that might indeed be the explanation !!


The fact that there are 4 of them, so low on the helmet and so accurately placed (exactly in the middle of front back and above the loops) made me hope for something more interesting...


Learning is: The solution of a mystery can be less exciting than you think :-)

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