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Navy shooting patch help request


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I just got a Wwii navy submarine grouping (posted on groupings). Included is this patch. 


Has anyone seen one like this and provide any info?  


It is multi layer felt construction and no-glow. 


I am guessing it is for a shooting competition for a member of s-22 submarine. 


Any patch value and is so a ball park would be interesting.  I don't plan to sell but it would be interesting to know more info on it and the patch and grouping. 


Thank you and hope everyone has a great holidays. 




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You scored a phenomenal grouping.  The S-22 must have had an active marksmanship program.  I’ve seen some material like that from this particular boat in the past, but you lucked into a real trove of it.   Nice archive.

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12 hours ago, ocsfollowme said:

It’s a Hawaiian patch on bottom left. Ww2 era.



Excellent info thank you! Nice patch collection you have. Thanks

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