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Fixed bail spot weld


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As a sheet metal worker I just wanted to share this anomaly that occurs when spot welding metal. I operate a spot welder almost daily over the last 25 years and have seen this on occasion.  Check out this "splash". I have seen people call out this as a sign of mig welding because of the wire looking to come out of the spot weld. This just happens occasionally under normal circumstances when spot welding. It's caused by the heated metal "splashing" out of the hot contact area. It comes out from between the layers of metal and hardens fairly quickly. A mig weld can look the same, but it would also have a noticeably large puddle of melted metal around the contact area. Oh, it's a McCord helmet heat lot 777A.

m1 splash.jpg

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Burning Hazard

I've owned a couple of fixed bails with these splashes; our forum members refer to them as "welding slag".


Would you be able to repair a broken bail on an M1 shell at work? :)



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