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WW2 Era M1 Helmet


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Here is one of my WW2 era M1 Helmets. A nice fixed bail shell with a heat stamp of 77E. It has the early pressed paper liner, looks all complete. The liner has the leather chin strap, but its stiff and brittle and I am going to leave it alone. The liner has some staining, but is still in solid shape. The chin strap on the shell looks good, with a small area of damage. 











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What a great set, the star is the Hawley liner with the leather strap with buckle that is almost always gone. Very nice. 

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Initially I kept them together, however I noticed the liner was getting harder to separate from the shell, so I leave it out now. But they are displayed side by side.

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Very nice helmet. The early Hawley/General fiber liner indeed is a tight fit, and they crack easily as they are mainly cardboard so they do not tolerate a lot of movement, especially the chin strap loops on the outer shell will prevent a smooth transition. I am guessing a lot were messed up that way, yours is still very nice.

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