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Mike Blus from Sevierville (TN) - buyer beware !


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I recently transacted with Mike Blus from Sevierville, Tennessee. (This guy operates primarily off of the GMC website (germanmilitariacollectibles.com), but he also attends the Nashville military show as a vendor.) Anyway, the first part of our transaction went smoothly, but the second part did not go according to our agreement at all!

This hand-written note from Mike Blus (see pics below) was included in the box with the airborne jump-jacket that I received on Friday (11/26). I was gob-smacked by his accusation! Despite the fact that Mike has my phone number and e-mail address (and could easily have reached out to me to find a solution to whatever problem he thinks there is), he made the uni-lateral decision TO STIFF me on 4 items. Mike then has the audacity to call ME out as a con-man! (For the record - the box should also have contained an overseas cap, a pair of clutch-back wings on a tri-color oval, an equipment clip and a WW2 Hungarian NCO's sword knot - but NONE of these other items were in the box, despite the fact that is what we had previously negotiated and agreed. Instead, Mike sent only the jump-jacket along with this insulting note...)

Why not call me or e-mail me to find a solution to the issue? How piss-poor is it to accuse somebody of fraud and not to substantiate it with any facts or relevant details? Guilty until proven innocent? NO - NOT ME!  Shame on you, Mike.

To demonstrate my good faith, I have offered this character an entire reversal of our transaction. If he returns my trade items and refunds the $1900 that I paid him, then I will return all his items - no questions asked. Not surprisingly, he has not taken me up on my offer yet.


For the USMF audience's interest and entertainment, here are some of the recent exchanges between us on the GMC (German Militaria Collectibles) forum:

M. Blus (11/27/2021) Being theres 2 sides to every Story, Mr. Eigenfeld doesn't state that he Attempted To Hustle me regarding above mentioned transaction, and his calm demeanor dosent demostrate his Slickness in attempting to put one over on "Mike", So theres 2 sides to coin

G. Eigenfeld (11/28/2021) I agree - there are always two sides of the story, Michael Scott Blus. You shorted me four items that we negotiated. That's my side of the story! WHAT'S YOURS? Why don't you give some details about the "hustle" you accuse me of? You give no substantiation!

M. Blus (11/28/2021) Sounds like buyers remorse, stated items were never listed on this site, or publicized here, it was through phone conversation that you requested more information on items, and then you send me damaged insignia-trade, not related in any way with this site

G. Eigenfeld (11/28/2021) I sent you a $400 postal money order to make good on the insignia that you claim is damaged. You were supposed to return both damaged items to me, but you did not. I have already filed a mail fraud claim against you. Small claims court will be next.


Mike Blus Con Man (4).JPG

Mike Blus Con Man (1).JPG

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