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Genuine og-107?

Ricky Marchi

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Ricky Marchi

Hi everyone. I recently bought this shirt on eBay. It was sgt major, green beret John t. Lockhart utility shirt. it was sold with a jungle jucket of him( in the pics below) and I was able to find some pics of him wearing , probably, the same J.J. As you can see in the pics

the Seller told me he bought them from Lockhart estate and that He had 3 tour in south east Asia during Nam-war so I made some research and I found his service records( only in the period 62-69)

lockhart had several tour in se asia 

62-63 as an MSG Tm Sgt for a tdy team from 1st sfga training lldb

68 as sgm with TF Clarke to train the Thai division going to RVN

68-69 as sgm for det c-3 in Bien Hoa

b. 1926 d. 1992


These records and the presence of another uniform of him  let me thought that the shirt was genuine. But when it has been delivered to me I noticed that buttons were different from the pics on eBay. These buttons Are like first tipe og-107 buttons on a third pattern shirt.( in pics on eBay there were third pattern buttons on third pattern shirt). So I contacted him again and he wrote to me to trust him, he run an estate company and this shirt was found inside Lockhart estate with other 30 utility shirt and with the jungle jucket. Utility shirts were all identical. This one was identical but with different buttons he said  .He said he was surprised by how many they were and by the great condition they were. What do you think guys. As you can see in pictures Lockhart was a pretty big guy hahaha and the size is a 16 1/2 x 32 so it coincide. Patches stitchings are all identical and in the back of sleeve insignia there are the classic “waves”. In the back of the name and us army tab there aren’t the classic waves but just some “vertical signs” but I think they are missing because the shirt is heavily starched in particular in the front and in the back. 


dsa-100 699( not sure about that could be 100-600 or 100-609
Lockhart in second pic is in the middle probably wearing jungle J. In the last pic 












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