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US Dragoon Collection

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I thought I would share some items of my US Dragoon collection, whilst I mainly collect later US Cavalry items I have an interest in the US Dragoons and the Mexican War in particular, but like many collectors it expanded slightly from the initial focus with some pre and post Mexican War Dragoon items.

The first photo from top to bottom shows Pattern 1833 Dragoon Sabre Belt and model 1818 Starr Sabre in use until the model 1833 sabre began to be issued, the knot is a reproduction.

Next is the US Dragoon sabre Belt 1833/37, this is different from the earlier pattern in having hooks on the sabre straps making it easier to attach the sabre, Pattern 1839 carbine cartridge box and Ames model 1833 sabre (repro saber knot), the belt shows some damage and may be a result of it being used in conjunction with the much heavier Model 1840 sabre.

Lastly is an 1841 US Dragoon sabre belt with what is commonly known as the pattern 1845 cap pouch identifiable by the closing finial on the front of the pouch, also shown is the Pattern 1839 carbine/rifle cartridge box with small US box plate. Along with the belt is an S&K trial sabre dating to 1839, this being one of six hundred that were purchased by the US and tested in the field, this model saber was later being produced by Ames.

The carbine cartridge box differs to the rifle version in that it has no implement pouch, tools were carried in a trap on the carbine but later when these were done away with the Pattern 1839 rifle cartridge box was adopted having a tool pocket under the flap. Unlike the 1839 musket cartridge box these cartridge boxes do not have a buff cross strap but use belt loops instead. 



This  photo shows the pattern 1833 Dragoon sabre belt with 1818 Starr saber, Model 1833 Hall Carbine and Model 1836 pistol.


Next up is the Pattern 1833/37 saber belt, Model 1833 Hall carbine again with bayonet part extended, Model 1833 saber, Model 1836 pistols and Pattern 1839 carbine cartridge box.


For the Mexican War period, shown here the Pattern 1841 saber belt is shown with Pattern 1845 cap pouch, Pattern 1839 carbine/rifle cartridge box, circa 1837 pommel holsters, Model 1840 Hall carbine, M1836 pistol and 1839 S&K trial sabre with original period knot.



Lastly and just post Mexican War, Officers Model 1847 Grimsley saddle shown here with horse shoe pouch and pommel holster for a Colt Model 1851 Navy with a large pouch for grooming articles, complete with all straps and leather covers.

Thanks for looking, Kurt.



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US Victory Museum

I have always been impressed by your champagne taste when it comes to collecting.   Those are truly some rare

artifacts that you have acquired, photographed, and shared with the rest of us.




Thank you, Kurt.


Your friend and fellow collector,


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gwb123 thank you for the link, there are some very impressive items and well presented. On the subject of museums I can recommend the National Cowboy & Western Heritage museum, they house the artist Joe Grandee's collection it is quite a stunning display including many Dragoon items.




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Thanks again for all the positive comments, it makes it worth sharing the items.


Mike, it is always good to hear from you my friend, thank you for your kind words. It has taken years to acquire many of these items, as you will appreciate some of the arms are not as difficult to find as the accoutrements, it has been years of patience. But then this applies to many areas of collecting something you will appreciate with your fine collection.


Happy Thanksgiving to all.


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