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Left to Die : The Story of the U. S. S. Juneau by Dan Kurzman


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Such a sad, sad story, infuriatingly heartrendingly so. Full of heartbreaking stories of the men that went down with the Juneau.


The navy burying details for over 50 years was disgusting. Even more so than the Indianapolis tragedy. Disgusting, even more so than the Indy tragedy, as these men were spotted on multiple occasions floating and dying and not one move was made to save them until the ranks of survivors were decimated one by one by sharks, exposure, injuries and hallucinations until only 10 were found barely alive.


A well written book by the same author who would go on to write extensively on the Indianapolis horror story.


A SHOULD read for all Americans to reinforce the importance of the sacrifices our fighting men and women made for us during World War II.





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