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What Is This Artillery Shell?


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Does anyone know what this artillery shell is? It measures 2 7/8” wide (at the base) x 10 3/8” long (not including the plug threaded into the top of the shell). The top was painted red at one point, the center section is black, and the bottom is yellow.


I don’t see any markings on the rotating band or anywhere else. There is some kind of plug threaded into the top. I’m not sure what that is, but it was painted yellow at one time. Anyhow, does anyone know what kind of artillery shell this is? Any help is appreciated!




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21 hours ago, jawasinger said:

75mm HE


Agreed, WW1 era. The three basic were Shrapnel, Shot ( with base fuze), and HE. Shrapnel lost favor with the US mid war for HE as Shrapnel was low velocity lead balls in a direction downward forward. HE was high explosive which spread sharp metal fragments at super velocities 360 degrees. The single driving band and course lathe turn marks was the best technology at the time.

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