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Unit marked 28th Divsion M1917 with intact liner.

The Rooster

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Here is a 28th division WW1 helmet. I like it and picked it up because its unit marked and in really good condition.


It has a soldier modified chinstrap. !! First one I've ever seen.

Leads me to believe this one saw some use in the war... ? Dont know of course....

But, Its the only one I have with the modified chinstrap.


1512 - Copy.jpg

25 - Copy.jpg

65 - Copy.jpg

2662 - Copy.jpg

1515 - Copy.jpg

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Hi "Rooster",


Nice one.


Take a look on my post of 17th october named WW1CAMO HELMET WITH ODD CHINSTRAP.


Have a great day



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Thank you Dominique,


I had seen your post and AEF 1917's response.


That is how I knew what I was looking at with the chin strap.



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