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WW1 M1917 unit marked Helmet 35th Division for your inspection.

The Rooster

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Greetings all. I scored this helmet tonight.

Although I know its from the 35th division, I cannot decifer whats left of the makings to nail down a possible sub unit.

it was fairly priced and the more I looked at it the more it grew on me. Any and all help and comments negative or positive would be very much appreciated.

At the very begining I thought maybe it was a faker of some kind. At the end I believe its a genuine article unit insignia, whats left of the cammo paint and all.

But I dont really honestly know. And thats where all the experts , all you great forum members come in to fill in the blanks.

I thank you.





22 - Copy.jpg

23 - Copy.jpg

24 - Copy.jpg

25 - Copy.jpg

26 - Copy.jpg

28 - Copy.jpg

44 - Copy.jpg

55 - Copy.jpg

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Thanks guys. So its an over painted helmet ?


Is that why the insignias look so strange?


Thank you.



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