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Looking to return dress hat to Ellis 7879


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About 10 years ago I purchased a dress hat from an Army/Navy surplus store in Massachusetts on Cape Cod. I picked it out of a bin because I thought it was cool and didn't too much about it at the time. Over the years it's moved with us several times and I hold on to it because I keep thinking one day I might try to find the owner's family and return it to them. The dress hat is black with red piping. The rim is a shiny patent black with green underneath. Inside the hat in two places are written the name 'Ellis' and the number 7879 is written once.


I've tried looking on the registries posted in another thread on this forum and googling various terms but continue to come up empty handed. I live in Canada and am not familiar with the history of USA military uniforms. I suspect that this hat is from an American military personnel but I haven't even been able to find an exact match of the hat anywhere online to confirm that. Between searching the history of army, navy, air force, coast guard etc uniforms and registries I'm in way over my head. I'd like to be able to offer the hat to the family of the service member Ellis 7879 in case it holds any value to them. I've uploaded some pictures for reference.


Hoping someone can point me in a better direction to continue my search for Ellis 7879 or provide any information about the hat that could narrow down my search a little bit.


Thank you.






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