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Happy 15th Anniversary, USMF!


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Technically, I'm two days late, but been a hectic couple of weeks and I really don't run by a clock or calendar on a normal day . . . so I'm almost on time here! :) This is actually the 15th Anniversary of the oldest thread I can find on the forum! 


The US Militaria Forum was officially begun on 26 Oct 2006, with the Founders starting to get accounts. The first posts were made by the Founders on 27 Oct 2006. For 15 years now, we have been working to keep a fun and informative platform online and free to the public so that members can continue to learn and share information about military history and collecting! 


To dig into the archives, here is the oldest thread I can find - Thread #5 on the forum:



Take a look and enjoy one of the founding threads that started the journey of the ever-growing USMF information database! A big thanks to our Co-Founders, who put so much time and energy into creating the forum! 


@Bob Hudson 



@Greg Robinson


We also have Anniversary Gear, so take a look at our USMF Gear page, too!


Happy Birthday, USMF!

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