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USMC 1959 Mitchell Cover


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Hi everyone,


My first 'official' post. I usually collect WWI/WWII gear but starting to get into my Vietnam display so not much knowledge there (other than my dad's gear). I have this cover that's unused but interesting thing is that it has two labels sewn on the opposite sides. Labels matches other photos members posted so that's at least "accurate". Is this normal, QC, fake? Thoughts?





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Definitely 100% original, very nice one, I've seen a handful of double  tag 59er covers over the years, you see this with army contract stamps as well, 


Really nice! 



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4 hours ago, sgtdorango said:

Very nice, i have a double tag 59er too👍🏻...probably just a factory goof..but an extra cool factor for us collectors.....mike

Definitely makes it more interesting with these "extras" as well!



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11 hours ago, Cap Camouflage Pattern I said:

QC Problem, you will also see some with no markings.

Interesting thanks for the info!

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