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Mystery Star Mark on WW1 Collar Disk

Primoris Scio

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It's been observed on period collar disks but do not recall it ever being ID'd, got a couple in my collection of WWI disks, maybe someone else has information but to my knowledge not ID'd

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I think there's an early 1900's Army cap badge in Michael Tucker's book that was simply marked with a star, but no maker indicated. There is a list of manufacturers of cap insignia though. Someone could use that list and see if anything positively attributed to one also has a star. (It sounds like exactly the kind of rabbit hole I crawl down. I'm sorting out the Sugerman and Sugerman companies of San Antonio at the moment. To be a collector with OCD...🙄)

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Could it simply be an alignment mark?  To help the person soldering the findings to the back? Not required for a screw post but perhaps useful for a pin back.  


If you flip it over, does it align to the top, side, or bottom of the disk?



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