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M3 First Aid Kit (Medic bag?)


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Hey gang, not really up to speed on medical equipment but I found an M3 bag locally.  For the sake of privacy, I’d rather not share any photos so you’ll have to take my word on it.


I can’t see much for the contents, but it seems like there’s eight “Dressing, Field, 11 3/4 Inch Square”s, and the seller claims there’s tourniquets and a sling In it.


As for the bag, it’s the rubberized style that I read was used in Vietnam.  And it appears to have the shoulder strap on it.


I’m in the process of scheduling a meeting with the owner for tomorrow or Thursday.  I’m wondering if his asking price is fair at $25 for the kit,  more importantly, is it a deal or closer to retail? I can’t find a lot of these being sold recently and I always love a deal! 



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